Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ipe Post Caps Help Protect Your Patios and Fences

When decorating outside fences or patio sets, post caps can add durability and a distinctive style to outdoor design. Fence post caps help increase the longevity of the fence by protecting the tops from rot and weather damage; this keeps fences sturdy and attractive for far longer, even when exposed to inclement weather. Post caps also help to provide smooth edges around the top of the post, reducing exposure to sharp corners, rough wood, and splinters. As many post caps are carved from a single block of wood, they are often uniform and structurally sound, allowing them to increase the stability of the fence or deck in addition to protecting it from weather and daily wear and tear.

Ipe post caps feature all the natural durability of Brazilian ipe or Brazilian walnut, a sturdy tropical wood that is resistant to fire, mold, water damage, and scratches. Ipe is similar to other varieties of tropical hard wood, such as Teak, and is approximately three times harder than Cedar. Its fire resistance is also much greater than softer woods, making its fire rating comparable to steel or concrete. Ipe also contains natural oil that, like Redwood, protects it from mold and mildew and discourages bugs and other pests. Unlike many of these other decorative woods, however, ipe is often much more affordable. Because of its affordability and amazing durability, ipe has become an increasingly popular option for outdoor furniture and design.

These post caps also provide an easy and affordable way to add a finished look to decks, patios, and fences. Whereas some post caps are made of a simple, weather-resistant plastic, wooden post caps offer a more natural aesthetic, complimenting natural wood fencing and design. Appearing in a wide variety of sizes and designs, ipe post caps can be an affordable addition to many outdoor structures. The slip on post cap structure also creates a hassle-free installation method, adding decorative accents to fences and decks without the time and expense of custom woodwork.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why Choose JSI Cabinets for Your Home

Those on a budget often think that they need to cut corners when remodeling their homes. When it comes to their kitchen cabinets, they decide to repaint or apply a new coat of sealant to the wood instead of opting for new cabinets. While a new coat of paint or sealer might change the color, those products won't change the overall design or give homeowners more space. JSI Cabinets come in several color options and styles, and homeowners will find that the cabinets cost less than they anticipated.

Picking a Color

One of the first choices that shoppers need to make is the color of their cabinets. Far too many people make the mistake of choosing a color they like without thinking about how that color fits in the room. A warm and light shade of cream, white or tan is perfect for a smaller kitchen. Those lighter shades open up the space and makes the room look brighter. Darker colors, including cherry and ebony, look better in larger rooms. Those deeper colors can overwhelm a smaller space and make the room look even tinier.

Types of Cabinets

JSI Cabinets come in a variety of styles and designs. Some shoppers love the classic look of the Rockport design, while others prefer the more modern style of Wheaton cabinets. After choosing a design, homeowners need to look at the type of cabinets available. JSI offers every time imaginable, and homeowners will find that those cabinets give them enough room to store everything from large and heavy pots and pans to smaller utensils and even family heirlooms. Glass door panels attached to the front let homeowners display their collection of antiques and dishes passed down through their family, while corner cabinets feature a unique design that lets them make use of previously wasted space. JSI also sells cabinets with space for a sink on top, angled and base cabinets, taller pantry cabinets and space fillers that cover gaps between cabinets. With so many different choices, homeowners can work with the company to create a customized design that fits all their kitchen needs.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oak Newel Posts For Your Next Project

Oak newel posts bring a traditional feel to any room. Ideal for a beautiful remodel or a new construction project, these newel posts create an atmosphere of warmth in a home. Whether purchased for a post replacement project or in bulk to replace an entire staircase, the competitively priced posts can fit into most installation and repair problems. Quality, strong newel posts enhance any living space while their unmatched durability withstands routine wear and tear for decades.

Why oak newel style posts are used

The right style of post can really transform a home. Frequently used in upgrades, the posts can be easily installed to provide a classic, elegant feel. Loose railing or discolored posts are frequently replaced with the newel style posts can really dress up a staircase. As a part of a larger remodeling project, post replacement provide a great way to easily get a lot more out of a remodeling project.

What are the features?

Experienced craftsmen work with only the finest woods to improve the quality of the oak posts. As an anchor for handrails, the sturdy posts are capable of resisting all types of damage. They can be prefinished for taste, permitting a person to customize the appearance of the newel posts for their home remodeling or construction project. Oak newels come in a variety of profiles for different specifications. Posts come in various lengths.

Options available

Remodelers, homeowners and builders can determine whether or not the newels should be prefinished or not. Post-to-post balustrade and over-the-post balustrade systems are also available. Specifications such as lengths and finishes can be supported with most orders. Unfinished posts can used to showcase the natural beauty of the oak. Posts can be easily stained or painted, which makes for a truly unique experience.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why Good Weathervane Hardware Is Important

Weathervanes are a great accent for your home. While weathervanes are primarily designed to show the direction of the wind, they have evolved to become so much more. They are fantastic decorative accents that can add a beautiful, country home-inspired touch to just about any house or property. However, a weathervane won't be able to withstand the elements if you don't install it with great hardware. Here are some reasons why excellent weathervane hardware is important.

Protect Against The Elements –
Weathervanes can be flimsy and easily blow away if they aren't properly secured to your home. To really keep your weathervane in place, you need a solid piece of hardware that will anchor it securely to the roof or exterior of your home. Many weathervanes come with their own mounting kit, but these can often not be effective in properly securing them. Hence, purchasing a heavy-duty option is a great choice.

Preserve Your Investment –
If you've purchased a gorgeous weathervane, you don't want it to begin to rust or fall apart due to the elements. This is why you should invest in a spray that will allow you to protect your investment and preserve the integrity of your weathervane. Properly bolting it to your home will also protect your investment.

Allow It To Properly Function –
Remember, weathervanes are supposed to accurately show the direction of the wind. If your weathervane is installed correctly, it will accurately reflect the direction of the wind. This can be useful if you live in an area where storms or tornadoes are common.

Installing your weathervane with the proper hardware is the best way to protect you weathervane and ensure that it can accurately show wind directions. By properly installing your weathervane, you'll be able to enjoy this beautiful decorative accent for many years to come.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Interior Decor Pieces

Interior design is not only about furnishings, fabrics and fixtures. Making a statement of style or tone in an interior space can be achieved by including architectural details and interest. Rooms in need of definition and ornamentation can be transformed easily with the use of interior decor pieces. 

Decorative wood, resin or metal pieces can make big design impact, yet they are quite affordable and easily installed. Brackets, supports that project from a wall or other solid foundation and corbels, short horizontal supports, may be used to lend a rustic or Old World feel to mantles, cabinetry, counters, kitchen islands and range hoods.

Rooms meant to evoke a traditional, classic or formal feel will benefit from the use of wood or resin ceiling medallions, ceiling domes or ceiling rings. These ceiling pieces can range from simple molding designs to more elaborate filigree and geometric designs. A ceiling piece not only enhances the light fixture anchored upon it, but brings bearing to the entire room, be it dining, living, library, bedroom or study.

Wall niches are another fine detail that can make a flourish and create design impact. Niches are wonderful placed along a staircase, in a foyer, hallway or powder room, for example. Niches are a smart and stylish way to display art or collectibles, while bringing a feel of richness and interest to a space.

Rosettes are accent pieces that lend dimension and decoration to cabinet fronts, bookcases, chair rails, doors and windows. Rosettes abound in Colonial and Victorian styles, but are also available in clean-lined, modern looks. These interior decor pieces may be used to great effect when an uncomplicated design medium is called for.

Key to consider when integrating architectural detail pieces into a room design is that small details can have large effect. A little goes a long way, so unless the objective is to create a fully-loaded, historically accurate reproduction of a room, it is best to be selective and judicious in the use of these types of design elements.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful and Functional Ceilings with Primed Polyurethane Ceiling Tiles

When creating a new ceiling or simply refinishing an old one, a buyer may want to consider using primed polyurethane ceiling tiles. There are many benefits to choosing these tiles when designing a unique ceiling that will last.

1. These tiles are used for a suspended ceiling design. This would be ideal for any space, especially for a basement room. In the case of a basement ceiling, it is often beneficial to be able to remove or rearrange part of the ceiling in order to access pipes or wiring above the ceiling. If one has a drywall ceiling, it would be nearly impossible to access any pipes or wiring, but with ceiling tiles, this task is easily accomplished.

2. The ceiling tiles come in all sorts of unique designs. Some have interesting borders or patterns. One can buy tiles that range from very plain to ornately complex. This collection of designs allows individuals to personalize their ceilings without having to hire a skilled ceiling contractor.

3. The ceiling tiles come pre-coated with a layer of primer. This means that a person can pick out the tiles he or she desires, and then paint them any color he or she chooses. Again, this goes to make the ceiling a more personalized extension of the homeowner or tenant.

4. The tiles are lightweight and easy to install. A contractor is not needed to create a beautiful, new and unique ceiling. One simply has to choose a tile of his or her liking and get to work.

5. There are several environmental advantages to having polyurethane ceiling tiles. They are generally waterproof. This means they should not collect moisture and should be resistant to mildew. Being waterproof makes these ceiling tiles ideal for a basement or a bathroom situation. Also, the tiles may be used in an interior or an exterior setting. They are very durable and could easily be used for a porch or patio ceiling, as well as any interior rooms.

These are just some of the advantages to using primed polyurethane ceiling tiles for designing a beautiful ceiling.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cedar Fence Gates

Cedar fence gates are an attractive option for adding the finishing touch to a fence. The natural variations in the cedar wood allow for the manufacture of gates that have their own individual beauty. Western cedar is particularly attractive with a clear or light colored finish, because the rich natural reds present in the grain are highlighted. There are cedar gate styles to meet most fence closure needs, ranging from those that enhance privacy and security to those that are more decorative in nature.

Gates manufactured in a style similar to privacy fences, with slats placed closely together, are ideal for privacy and security. People can't see through them and they don't encourage climbing. However, this cedar gate style can also be among the most attractive of cedar gate options, as they also display more of the gorgeous western cedar wood grain. This gate style is available in a variety of widths.

Other gate styles, also available in those widths, are more decorative in design, though they are sturdy in construction. These gates feature narrower slats that are placed farther apart, allowing a person to see through the gate. These offer the advantage of being able to see who is on the other side when looking from a window, door or while comfortably seated on the porch or in the yard.

Some feature horizontal rows of western cedar slats in addition to those running vertically, providing a happy compromise between the complete privacy of the larger, closer together slats and the more open designs. Well-made cedar fence gates crafted of premium quality western cedar are as durable and lasting as they are attractive. Choosing a reliable gate maker is the key to being able to enjoy the beauty and functionality of a cedar gate for years to come.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Beautiful Window Box Ideas to Spice Up a Home

Window boxes can make homes more beautiful on the outside by adding a unique element to typical windows. For homeowners that want something unique, these boxes can truly differentiate a home from others within a neighborhood. In today's world, there are many types of these boxes that are available for homeowners to choose from that can match just about any type of home. This article will outline what homeowners need to know about boxes for windows today.

Types of Boxes

There are many types of window boxes that are available in the marketplace today. Many of them use PVC pipe or cedar wood materials and have refined trim to make them really stand out. The most common color for these boxes is white, but homeowners are free to pick different colors if they fit a home better. Some boxes are even available than merely attached to a wall without a window. These can complement an existing garden or flower bed by increasing the amount of plants that can be included within one of these outdoor areas.

Box Materials

Traditionally, these boxes have generally been composed of fine cedar materials. However, in recent times it has become very popular for these boxes to be composed of artificial materials such as vinyl or PVC. These materials can have a better life expectancy when exposed to the elements for extended periods of time.


Most boxes are generally between 30 and 36 inches and width, and about 6-8 inches tall. Many have supports on the bottom which can extend for as long as a foot in order to minimize pressure to the siding. As far as the actual area for the plans, most of these boxes are at least 6 feet in depth, which offers ample space for most small plants and flowers.


Homeowners that are considering one of these boxes should be careful to match the box's style with the home. Colors and materials should be the same as the rest of the home's exterior in order to give the home a uniform look. Thankfully, many options are available today they give homeowners plenty of choice when looking to add a box below a window.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Havenlock Teak Storage Box: Both Decorative and Functional

At a width of four feet and almost two feet deep, this box is large enough to store away a variety of items. While a discreet container with its simple, traditional design, this Havenlock Teak Storage Box also makes a serviceable bench with a height above one and a half feet and a flat top comfortably leveled for seating.


Since it is solidly constructed of 100 percent teak wood, this storage box can weather outdoor conditions; it would be perfect for placing on a patio or deck, near a garden, or on a boat.


Sourced from tropical areas, teak is a hardwood, heavy and strong. Teak is well-known for its hassle-free durability, weathering, and beauty. Teak wood's natural oils and rubber, when properly retained, protect it against dry rot, parasites, and fungi without additional and regular owner care. Time and exposure will turn its light brown color to silvery gray.

Because of the limited supply, natural resistance against water, wind, and pests such as termites, teak is typically reserved for outdoor uses; it is the material of choice for both patio furniture and shipbuilding timber.

Care and Maintenance

Using teak wood as the primary material in the Havenlock Teak Storage Box removes many concerns about regular applications of preservatives or special maintenance instructions. Soft-soap flakes dissolved in warm water are sufficient for gentle cleansing; no detergent is necessary. Cleanser should be applied with non-abrasive cloths or sponges to avoid scratching the wooden surface. With time and weathering, the original light honey brown color turns silver gray; this is due to the evaporation of surface oil and does not affect its longevity or resistance.

The brown color can be restored by scrubbing the wood's surface with a soft brush and soapy water or teak cleaner. Applying a teak sealer should hold the color for a year.

Havenlock storage boxes are not available at most common gardening stores. It is best to research them online through a specialty store.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jeffrey Alexander Mirrors Make a Statement Of Style

Whether your goal when decorating a room is to showcase artistic expression or to demonstrate simple functionality, Jeffrey Alexander mirrors fit well into any decor style. There are so many mirror design choices ranging from ornate to simplistic styling. These mirrors feature clean, sophisticated lines, hand carving and beautiful finishes, some of which are carefully applied by hand.

Beautiful Finishes To Choose From
There is a wood finish available to blend perfectly in any room. Choose from warm shades like pecan, walnut, chestnut, mahogany or rosewood. Or, make your choice from beautiful French white, espresso, chocolate, cream white or a hand applied black finish. Every finish color helps to highlight the dimension and depth of the wood mirror frame, without distracting from its beauty.

The mirror glass is expertly beveled to bring out its shining beauty. Place mirrors on opposite walls to create the illusion of a larger room. Or, simply use them in areas that need an extra touch of shine and elegance. No matter where these mirrors are used, they bring a dash of style to a room. Be sure to place mirrors where they will enhance the area and reflect things like your pretty artwork, or a window to the outdoors.

Accents Make a Stylistic Statement

Jeffrey Alexander mirrors also feature pretty hand-carved accents, detailed fretwork or beaded accents that bring an extra element of depth to mirrors. For architectural interest, exciting fretwork adds exactly the right touch. When a sophisticated look is desired, try featuring a mirror with ornamental beaded highlights. Hand carved botanical accents add a dimension of nature in an inspirational way.

When mirrors are used to enhance the look of a room, they can become brilliant accent pieces when they are used effectively. Careful choices of wood color and your selection of complementary accents on the wood can make any area stand out beautifully. Mirrors can reflect things like candlelight, lamp light or your refined artwork. The key is to keep mirror sizes in proportion with the rest of the room, and to have fun using them as a part of your decor.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Corbels Basics

Corbels refer to structural metal, wood or stone components that project from walls. They jut out prominently as a means of offering support to either arches or cornices. These brackets are located far back in walls. This is to ensure that the significant pressure on their lodged sections acts against any possibilities of their falling out or tipping over.

Homeowners often purchase these brackets to better the interiors of their residences. The decorative aspects of these brackets help make home cabinets, kitchen counters, range hoods and mantels look markedly more attractive.

People who are thinking about getting corbels must always consider the designs of their homes beforehand. Not all of these brackets look the same, after all. They're made in numerous different wood varieties. These wood varieties include cherry wood, rubberwood, birch wood, sugar maple wood, red oak wood, white oak wood, walnut wood and soft maple wood. It isn't at all uncommon to spot primed polyurethane and paint grade styles.

Prices for these decorative and supportive brackets vary significantly. Brackets in elegant French acanthus styles sometimes cost close to $300.00. Others, however, don't even cost $30.00. While it isn't unusual to see options that exceed even $400.00 in price, it also isn't rare to find budget-friendly varieties, either. Patience is vital for finding the perfect bracket for any residence. Note that many of these products are handcrafted.

Price, design and wood appearance aren't the sole considerations for those who are planning on buying these decorative items, either. Size is yet another crucial consideration. Homeowners always have to ensure that the wood brackets they're considering are the appropriate depths, widths and heights for their residences. Otherwise, correct installation simply won't be possible. People who are purchasing these brackets for support reasons always need to place suitable blocking in the back of them, too. This helps ensure efficient mounting.

Finding these decorative brackets is usually easy and straightforward. They're available in hundreds of exciting styles. Modern and mission styles are just two examples. Individuals can generally find them at home improvement retailers close to their homes. They can also find and buy them at online shops that specialize in residential decorative applications.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

All About Balusters

Balusters describe short columns, posts or pillars that provide support to copings or rails. They're generally decorative in appearance. "Stair stick" and "spindle" are two other common names for them. They're commonly seen in homes on the top rails of staircases, to be specific.

Many people rely on these posts to make their residential staircases stand out. Homeowners often appreciate the old-fashioned, traditional charm these additions provide. These posts can help make stair railings more attractive and visually memorable.

Balusters are typically made out of wood. Individuals who are looking to introduce these posts to their stair railings can typically choose between many diverse options in wood. These options include poplar wood, mahogany wood, walnut wood, hickory wood, sugar maple wood, cherry wood, Brazilian cherry wood, white oak wood, ash wood, red oak wood and beech wood. Primed and glossy white options are also frequently available to customers.

Individuals who are interested in these decorative stair sticks can decide on varieties of wood based on appearance and several other factors. Those who appreciate paler coloring might want to opt for sugar maple wood, hickory wood or poplar wood, to name a few examples. Those who appreciate darker coloring, on the other hand, might prefer Brazilian cherry wood and mahogany wood. These kinds of woods both possess darker reddish tones.

Price is yet another significant consideration for people who are thinking about purchasing stair sticks. Stair sticks run the gamut as far as price goes. Some poplar wood options are as inexpensive as less than $10.00. Primed stair sticks are often even cheaper than that. It isn't at all uncommon, however, to see sugar maple options that cost well over $100.00. Note that sugar maple is frequently referred to also as "hard maple." Individuals who take the time to look around can also usually easily find more budget-friendly hard maple stair sticks.

People who wish to significantly improve the appearance of their staircases can do so easily courtesy of stair sticks. Stair sticks can easily be purchased in many brick and mortar furnishing and home improvement stores. They can also easily be purchased from many reputable online stair supplies retailers.