Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why Choose JSI Cabinets for Your Home

Those on a budget often think that they need to cut corners when remodeling their homes. When it comes to their kitchen cabinets, they decide to repaint or apply a new coat of sealant to the wood instead of opting for new cabinets. While a new coat of paint or sealer might change the color, those products won't change the overall design or give homeowners more space. JSI Cabinets come in several color options and styles, and homeowners will find that the cabinets cost less than they anticipated.

Picking a Color

One of the first choices that shoppers need to make is the color of their cabinets. Far too many people make the mistake of choosing a color they like without thinking about how that color fits in the room. A warm and light shade of cream, white or tan is perfect for a smaller kitchen. Those lighter shades open up the space and makes the room look brighter. Darker colors, including cherry and ebony, look better in larger rooms. Those deeper colors can overwhelm a smaller space and make the room look even tinier.

Types of Cabinets

JSI Cabinets come in a variety of styles and designs. Some shoppers love the classic look of the Rockport design, while others prefer the more modern style of Wheaton cabinets. After choosing a design, homeowners need to look at the type of cabinets available. JSI offers every time imaginable, and homeowners will find that those cabinets give them enough room to store everything from large and heavy pots and pans to smaller utensils and even family heirlooms. Glass door panels attached to the front let homeowners display their collection of antiques and dishes passed down through their family, while corner cabinets feature a unique design that lets them make use of previously wasted space. JSI also sells cabinets with space for a sink on top, angled and base cabinets, taller pantry cabinets and space fillers that cover gaps between cabinets. With so many different choices, homeowners can work with the company to create a customized design that fits all their kitchen needs.


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