Thursday, November 27, 2014

When to Replace a Fireplace Door

Replacing a fireplace door generally isn't at the top of to-do lists for homeowners, but it should be. Older fireplace doors can be unsafe, might not fit right,  likely damaged, or could just look terrible. Installing new doors isn't a massive undertaking and won't break the bank. However the new doors can make a huge difference, in the functionality of a fireplace and overall look of a home.

- The current doors are too old
Newer fireplace doors are much safer than antique ones. Sure the original doors may look great and have a special charm, but there's a good chance that they don't have tempered glass, which poses a serious safety hazard. Newer doors are designed with safety, functionality, and beauty in mind. Some even have fans to help distribute the heat.

- The current doors don't fit right
Mass produced fireplace doors won't fit all fireplaces. However, a poorly fitting door will allow a significant amount heat loss from a home and won't prevent sparks from flying out. Instead homeowners with unique fireplaces should seek custom fitted doors. Since quality fireplace doors can last a long time, the extra expense of the special order will be well worth it.

- Current doors are damaged
Fireplace doors can take a lot of heat, literally. Over time, the frames can bend and the glass can crack as children, pets, and life unfold around the fireplace. Damaged doors look terrible and can even be a safety hazard; they should be replaced immediately.

- Current doors need a style update
Nothing can date a home or make it seem more drab than an out-of-date fireplace door. Sure, there is something to be said for classic styles, but just because a door is old doesn't automatically make it a beautiful antique. Homeowners should take a serious look at their fireplace doors to see if they are dragging their home decor style down.


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