Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ipe Post Caps Help Protect Your Patios and Fences

When decorating outside fences or patio sets, post caps can add durability and a distinctive style to outdoor design. Fence post caps help increase the longevity of the fence by protecting the tops from rot and weather damage; this keeps fences sturdy and attractive for far longer, even when exposed to inclement weather. Post caps also help to provide smooth edges around the top of the post, reducing exposure to sharp corners, rough wood, and splinters. As many post caps are carved from a single block of wood, they are often uniform and structurally sound, allowing them to increase the stability of the fence or deck in addition to protecting it from weather and daily wear and tear.

Ipe post caps feature all the natural durability of Brazilian ipe or Brazilian walnut, a sturdy tropical wood that is resistant to fire, mold, water damage, and scratches. Ipe is similar to other varieties of tropical hard wood, such as Teak, and is approximately three times harder than Cedar. Its fire resistance is also much greater than softer woods, making its fire rating comparable to steel or concrete. Ipe also contains natural oil that, like Redwood, protects it from mold and mildew and discourages bugs and other pests. Unlike many of these other decorative woods, however, ipe is often much more affordable. Because of its affordability and amazing durability, ipe has become an increasingly popular option for outdoor furniture and design.

These post caps also provide an easy and affordable way to add a finished look to decks, patios, and fences. Whereas some post caps are made of a simple, weather-resistant plastic, wooden post caps offer a more natural aesthetic, complimenting natural wood fencing and design. Appearing in a wide variety of sizes and designs, ipe post caps can be an affordable addition to many outdoor structures. The slip on post cap structure also creates a hassle-free installation method, adding decorative accents to fences and decks without the time and expense of custom woodwork.


At March 2, 2023 at 7:54 PM , Blogger Dorothy Hughes said...

Fence post caps provide a crucial dual function by giving your fence a beautiful touch and safeguarding the tops of your fence posts from harm. Fence post covers can aid in extending the lifespan of your fence by protecting the posts from the elements (sun, rain, snow, ice). Caps can also offer an additional layer of defense against decay and pests. There is likely to be a design that is ideal for your fence, whether you're searching for a straightforward post cap or something more elaborate. Your fence will look fantastic for years to come with a little bit of maintenance.

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