Friday, November 14, 2014

Christmas mantel decorating ideas

The mantel in your home is probably the center of attention through the year; and at Christmas you can add a festive look in various ways. If you have children then you might want to use a few playful mantel decorating ideas. If it's just you and a spouse or older children then consider something elegant.

When you have children in the home, they will want to get into the excitement of the season and decorating. Create an ice skating rink by placing blue cellophane paper on the mantel, small trees and people ice skating. You can also add buildings for them to get skates and hot chocolate. Try to make it look as realistic as possible. Santa is always a good option, but consider making a small town on the mantel so that Santa can visit all of the children.

A red and green décor is something simple to do, and you can use various products that bring a festive look. Pomegranates and small conifers in baskets with a hint of fake snow are ideal for a woodsy appearance. If you have a lot of decorations to use, then place them symmetrically on the mantel so that there is an even amount to look at on each side. A simple idea is a wreath on the wall that is centered over the mantel and red and green candles on a white cloth. A beautiful scene that is fragrant l is one that includes peppermints. Line the mantel with vases that contain white and red flowers, and place candy canes in vases between the flowers. Use white, red and clear vases to blend in with the decorations. Blue is a brilliant color for Christmas. Use ornaments of silver, white and blue on the mantel as well as garland and pine cones. Add a splash of color with fun ornaments that are related to a special hobby or pet like dogs or elves.


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