Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oak Newel Posts For Your Next Project

Oak newel posts bring a traditional feel to any room. Ideal for a beautiful remodel or a new construction project, these newel posts create an atmosphere of warmth in a home. Whether purchased for a post replacement project or in bulk to replace an entire staircase, the competitively priced posts can fit into most installation and repair problems. Quality, strong newel posts enhance any living space while their unmatched durability withstands routine wear and tear for decades.

Why oak newel style posts are used

The right style of post can really transform a home. Frequently used in upgrades, the posts can be easily installed to provide a classic, elegant feel. Loose railing or discolored posts are frequently replaced with the newel style posts can really dress up a staircase. As a part of a larger remodeling project, post replacement provide a great way to easily get a lot more out of a remodeling project.

What are the features?

Experienced craftsmen work with only the finest woods to improve the quality of the oak posts. As an anchor for handrails, the sturdy posts are capable of resisting all types of damage. They can be prefinished for taste, permitting a person to customize the appearance of the newel posts for their home remodeling or construction project. Oak newels come in a variety of profiles for different specifications. Posts come in various lengths.

Options available

Remodelers, homeowners and builders can determine whether or not the newels should be prefinished or not. Post-to-post balustrade and over-the-post balustrade systems are also available. Specifications such as lengths and finishes can be supported with most orders. Unfinished posts can used to showcase the natural beauty of the oak. Posts can be easily stained or painted, which makes for a truly unique experience.


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