Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ceiling Medallions: An Elegant Finish to Any Home Design

As the eye is directed upward from baseboard, to wall trim, to crown molding, ceiling medallions can be considered the grand finale of a room’s look. Ceiling medallions visually provide definition to spaces whether over a dining table or seating area. Usually mounted around lighting, a ceiling medallion can grace any fixture from chandeliers to ceiling fans.

When considering trim options, a homeowner or designer has many designs from which to choose from classic to modern. Ekena ceiling medallions come in a range of motifs from braided, to leaf, to ornate, to radial design to fit whatever trim one chooses. If a ceiling is complex, a homeowner or designer should select a medallion motif that blends well with ceiling trim and crown moldings. However, medallions can also be used to provide visual interest for minimally-designed ceilings for a sleek, modern look.

When selecting a ceiling medallion design, a homeowner or designer should also take ceiling height into account. Higher ceilings can accommodate larger medallions, while smaller medallions are appropriate for lower ceilings.

Finishing is also important to consider. Medallions can be painted to match a ceiling or in a contrasting color to match trim work. Medallions can also be custom-finished with the design painted, glazed, or gilded, transforming it into a work of art. Various colors or finishes can be combined to bring out the design motif of the medallion.

Medallions are also not restricted to ceilings. They can also be grouped on walls in designs of three or four for a dramatic artwork display. Mounted over a sofa or fireplace, they will serve as an elegant focal point in any room.

Finally, ceiling medallions can dramatically finish any space from living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms to bedrooms and baby nurseries. Breaking up ceiling expanses, adding focal points, and defining spaces, they are an elegant finish to any home design.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Using Polyurethane Tiles for Ceilings

When building a new home or renovating a business, there are many choices for ceiling materials. Instead of boring plain ceiling tiles, drywall or plaster, polyurethane ceiling tiles make an excellent choice. These tiles offer visual interest, aesthetic appeal and add value to the structure. With so many styles of polyurethane tiles to choose from, there is no end to the combinations and patterns that can be created.

Installation of Polyurethane Tiles for Ceilings
Installation of polyurethane ceiling tiles is a relatively simple process. Wood furring strips are nailed to the ceiling and then the polyurethane tiles are nailed to the wood furring strips. This allows for easy and seamless installation with perfectly matched corners and lines. Installation of ceiling tiles is an easy way to cover up an uneven, bumpy or stained ceiling.

Care of Polyurethane Tiles
One of the many benefits of polyurethane tiles for ceilings is that they are easy to care for. A feather duster or a soft microfiber cloth are all that are needed to keep the tiles looking as good as they did the day they were installed. Clean the tiles once a month to keep them looking great and to enhance the indoor air quality of the home or building.

Styles of Polyurethane Tiles for Ceilings
Polyurethane tiles for ceilings come in a wide variety of styles. For a traditional look, select the egg and dart pattern or the star ceiling tile. In office buildings, lobbies or elegant foyer areas, the Edwards ceiling tile or Kinsley ceiling tiles are excellent choices. For a more relaxed look, the Ashford ceiling tile is a wise choice. All of the ceiling tiles measure 24" by 24" with the exception of the Ashford ceiling tile, which measures 28.75" by 28.75". Since the tiles are perfectly square, they can easily be cut to fit any shape or size of ceiling.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Spruce Up Your Home with Oak Newel Post Caps

Whether remodeling an older home or building a brand-new home, home owners need to know that the more attention they pay to detail in their homes, the higher their resale value will be. Even home owners who have no immediate plans to sell their homes will agree that the more unique a home is, the more custom details it includes, the more enjoyable it is to live in and to entertain in.

Freshen up the Functional Parts of a Home
There are certain components of any house that simply must be there. A floor, a ceiling, walls, plumbing, electrical, and in the case of homes with multiple stories, stairs. Not all of these necessary components need to bland and boring. While there is little, cosmetically, that a home owner can do to electrical wires and plumbing pipes, there are other opportunities to add special touches.

Crown Molding along Ceilings and Vertical Walls
The space where the walls meet the ceilings can exist with no adornment or they can be improved with crown molding. Crown molding comes in various thicknesses and configurations. When applied correctly, it makes the ceiling a focal point rather than just a necessary roof over occupants' heads. Any home owner that has not added crown molding is missing out on an amazing opportunity to add style to their home.

Newel Post Caps for Stairways
Multi-level homes require stairs to be functional. They also require railings to meet building-code requirements. But they do not have to remain boring and unadorned. Newel post caps dress up a staircase and provide a comfortable place to rest a hand and take a breath while climbing stairs. Make sure that caps match the style of the stairs. For example, oak flooring calls for oak newel post caps. Stairs and banisters that have been painted white call for white newel post caps. It's always best to leave natural wood unpainted if you are fortunate to have it in your home.

The bottom line is that the most beautiful homes -- and those with the highest resale values -- incorporate thoughtful details.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to Use Roof Ornaments for Any Home

When it comes to home decorating, most people focus on the facade of the house, or the windows or the yards. But what about the roof? Don't just leave that bland. There are all sorts of roof ornaments to give your home or barn more character.

One of the most common ornaments to put on a roof is a cupola. Not only can they be decorative, but cupolas can also hide unsightly fans and vents built into your rooftop. There are dozens of different cupolas to choose from, with various color combinations that will fit with any roof. Whether they are louvered or windowed, all cupolas are crafted with great detail. Styles available include Alexander, Keystone, Martin, Shed, Salisbury and Winchester. Cupolas are made to be both weather and insect proof. Many of them also come with sturdy copper rooftops built to last a long time.

How best to top off your roof or cupola? There are many ornate roof finials. Pick from pointy Florentine Style, Roman Style or Venetian Style. There are also spherical shaped roof finials in Londoner Style and Parisian Style.

Some may think weathervanes are just for farms. But this is not so. Weathervanes are perfect decorations for your roof. Many people usually envision a rooster when they think of a weathervane. Choose other animal designs like horses, bears, fish, elk, even dolphins. Some of the more unique weathervanes include motorcycles, guns, boats, trains, even wine glasses. Not only are they decorative, but practical. Step outside, admire the artwork and find out which way the wind is blowing.

Along with being beautifully designed, they also come at a reasonable price and are easy for anyone to install on their roof.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why Choose JSI Cabinetry?

JSI Cabinetry
Remodeling a kitchen can be an exciting project. Along with picking out and installing new appliances and flooring, many homeowners also want to invest in new cabinets and cupboards for this room of their home. If they are unsure of what kind of style they want in these fixtures, however, they may wonder where they can get a good look at all of the newest models on the market. When they go online, they can check out all of the latest JSI cabinetry and find the style that suits their preferences and their budget.

When they use the website, people can feel at ease immediately when they discover that they can get a free estimate whenever they want. Having this information up front can help them budget accordingly and prepare themselves for the installation of their new cabinets. Many homeowners prefer to avoid surprises when their kitchen fixtures are delivered and installed. Getting a free quote can help people stay on budget and look forward to their cabinets being added to this room of the house.

Likewise, they can get a better idea of whether or not they want natural wood stained cabinetry or if they would prefer JSI cabinetry that has been painted. Finalizing this decision can be vital as their cabinets could set the tone for the rest of the room’s decorations. They can look at the pictures of all of the wood varieties available and then decide if they want cabinets that are unpainted or painted. They do not have to wait until they get the cabinets home to see exactly how these fixtures will look in this room. They can get an idea beforehand by going online.

Even more, they can also get a feel for the different styles and choose the model that will give them the kitchen storage they want for this room. If they plan to store fine china, for example, they can select a model that has a built-in china hutch.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Copper Mailboxes are a Unique Addition to Your Curb Appeal

What is a Copper Mailbox?
It is a letter box made of copper and it's usually placed in front of private homes or commercial places. It is used for receiving private incoming mail. They are made of different unique shape and customize designs depending on the customer's preferences. The sizes are also different depending on the letter you want it to carry; commercial mailboxes are larger as compared to residential mailboxes. It can even have the homeowners name engraved on the side to decrease mail mix-ups. Copper mailboxes are made strong so that weather can't interfere with your mail. Most copper mailbox is made with a roof dome like shape so that water cannot enter inside.

Mailbox copper have some advantages as compared to others which of other materials

Copper don't rust with rain water. Many mailboxes made of copper will not rust until you use for so any years.
Since mailbox is the first thing you see before entering the house, it always portrays a good look of what is inside the house.
Mailbox made of copper are affordable as compared those made of other materials because of durability.
Houses which have mailbox made of copper will stand out in comparison to the neighboring homes. It provides a unique decor for residential and commercial places especially in areas where houses are similar.
For these reasons and many others copper mailboxes should certainly be considered for your home and place of work.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cedar Arbors

Cedar Arbors are decorative and beautiful. Solidly constructed from a variety of hard woods, they are also durable, long lasting, require minimal maintenance, and are resistant to the weather, mildew, rot and insects.

The fine craftsmanship brings out spectacular and intricate designs that will enhance a garden, patio, any other outdoor space. Have the arbor fit in with your individual decor and provide a shaded place where you can put a bench underneath and relax, visit with family and friends, and enjoy the beauty around you. If you also want to watch and listen to the birds, put small bird houses on the arbor.

An arbor is a uniquely decorative structure. Vertical pillars or posts are connected on top with crossbeams or an arch, and typical open latticework encourages the growth of colorful vines and flowers.

An arbor over your front walk can create a lovely welcome and a grand entrance as well as and bringing a sense of sophistication to the entryway of your home. Choose one that fits with your home's style.

Another use for an arbor is as a wedding arch for an outdoor, beach, sunset or "under the stars" wedding. The arbor would provide an excellent backdrop and focal point for the ceremony and for picture taking of the wedding party.

Arbors are exceptionally pretty when made of cedar, particularly red cedar, which might be (1) Thuja plicata, commonly referred to as Pacific or western red cedar, which is a western North American evergreen tree in the cypress family, or (2) Juniperus virginiana, commonly referred to as Eastern red cedar, an evergreen tree that can grow up to 40 feet tall. It is very narrow and compact, and the bark is reddish-brown and peels off in shreds. Eastern red cedars are used in many ways including arbors, fence posts, furniture, paneling, woodenware, chests and even as Christmas trees.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Stair Parts Do I Need?

There are a number of stair parts that comprise the steps in most homes, ranging from balusters and posts to brackets and accessories. Wood balusters provide a staircase with a classic appearance and are available in over a dozen types of wood, including beech, maple, red oak, walnut and white oak. Iron balusters are also available to enhance a stairway in design and appearance. They come in a variety of color finishes, such as copper vein, flat black, grey speckled and satin black. Balusters can also be enhanced with the addition of iron shoes and knuckles, which bring an extra level of detail to any staircase.

Wood and iron posts are major components that really add character to a staircase. Wooden newel posts are made from a wide variety of wood types that can be selected to complement the colors in the home. Available choices include those such as paint grade, adler, beech, cherry, hard maple, hickory, pine, red oak, soft maple and walnut. A wrought iron newel also can bring a distinguished look to a staircase. The finish options generally include copper vein, flat black, oil rubbed bronze, oil rubbed copper and satin black.

Other stair parts include staircase treads and risers, brackets and accessories. Staircase treads and risers heighten the appearance to a foyer entrance in the home. The bull nose starting step, double bull nose starting step, stair rise and stair treads are available in a variety of different wood types. Stair brackets are optional items that are available to bring a distinguished look to a staircase, and they are normally available in primed polyurethane and other finishes. Finally, a selection of staircase accessories can be added to give a finished appearance. These include items such as baluster lock screws, drop caps, plugs, rosettes and spin drivers.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Four Different Bronze Baluster Designs

If you are building or remodeling your home, there are many different designs for banisters and railings. One of the best ways to add beauty and class is to use bronze balusters instead of wood wherever possible. The metal upgrades your look and seriously increases the value of your home. Here are four different design ideas that you can use.

Gothic Plain
If you are looking for a simple, sleek look, Gothic Plain is a good choice for you. These work great on an outdoor deck in the backyard. Use this for a minimalist look or if you have a lot going on around the area and need a place to simplify.

Forged Double Ball
This design will add a little something extra to the straight, simple design. Use these if you are looking to add a little bit of accent around the home or garden area. It won't be distracting, but is just enough to not feel boring.

Single or Double Basket
The "basket" is a ball of intertwined bronze in the middle of the baluster. This acts as a focal point along your banister. These are great if you want to mix and match to add some variety. You can use both single and double baskets, switching every other one, or you can use the Gothic plain in between. Add your own personal style with this design.

The scroll is one of the most ornate pieces you can find. If you are looking to really add an elegant statement to the space, choose a scroll. These look especially great if you have a large staircase. Again, mix and match with any or all of the other designs to create a unique, personal look.

Bronze balusters are a great way to add style and elegance to your home. You can mix and match designs to create the banister that works best for your home and personality.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oak Bun Feet

People who like to repair or build their own furniture may want to buy parts that will make their home furnishings both appealing and durable. When they want to add feet to the bottoms of tables, chairs, sofas, and other furniture, they can get oak bun feet that will serve both of these purposes. Sometimes finding just the oak bun feet that they need can be difficult if people shop with just their local furniture stores. Rather than create their own parts or go without these components entirely, they can obtain these items from a millwork retailer.

The retailer can offer these items in a variety of wood grains and finishes. For example, if a person has an oak table that needs matching feet, he or she can find feet made from oak and choose the grain that goes best with that piece of furniture. Likewise, someone who has an oak chair that has a certain gloss or finish to it may want feet that blend into the overall look of the furniture. That person can look at the available wood selections and find one that has the same appearance.

Alternatively, people wanting to upgrade their furniture to make it look more stylish may want fixtures that are more decorative and have better quality than what they have now. They can choose feet that have engraving or unique shapes that will give their furniture the appeal they want. For example, if they are redecorating their home into a French style, they can choose feet that have French-style engraving and curves to match their other furnishings. Similarly, if they have furniture that is already painted, they can also choose fixtures that have the same color of paint on them.

Choosing these wooden parts from a local store or furniture dealer could be more expensive than what people anticipate. When they need to save money on these items, they can choose those from the millwork company that fit their budget. They can search for suitable parts by the amount of money they are prepared to spend. This makes shopping easier for them.