Thursday, June 19, 2014

Interior Decor Pieces

Interior design is not only about furnishings, fabrics and fixtures. Making a statement of style or tone in an interior space can be achieved by including architectural details and interest. Rooms in need of definition and ornamentation can be transformed easily with the use of interior decor pieces. 

Decorative wood, resin or metal pieces can make big design impact, yet they are quite affordable and easily installed. Brackets, supports that project from a wall or other solid foundation and corbels, short horizontal supports, may be used to lend a rustic or Old World feel to mantles, cabinetry, counters, kitchen islands and range hoods.

Rooms meant to evoke a traditional, classic or formal feel will benefit from the use of wood or resin ceiling medallions, ceiling domes or ceiling rings. These ceiling pieces can range from simple molding designs to more elaborate filigree and geometric designs. A ceiling piece not only enhances the light fixture anchored upon it, but brings bearing to the entire room, be it dining, living, library, bedroom or study.

Wall niches are another fine detail that can make a flourish and create design impact. Niches are wonderful placed along a staircase, in a foyer, hallway or powder room, for example. Niches are a smart and stylish way to display art or collectibles, while bringing a feel of richness and interest to a space.

Rosettes are accent pieces that lend dimension and decoration to cabinet fronts, bookcases, chair rails, doors and windows. Rosettes abound in Colonial and Victorian styles, but are also available in clean-lined, modern looks. These interior decor pieces may be used to great effect when an uncomplicated design medium is called for.

Key to consider when integrating architectural detail pieces into a room design is that small details can have large effect. A little goes a long way, so unless the objective is to create a fully-loaded, historically accurate reproduction of a room, it is best to be selective and judicious in the use of these types of design elements.


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