Sunday, June 1, 2014

All About Balusters

Balusters describe short columns, posts or pillars that provide support to copings or rails. They're generally decorative in appearance. "Stair stick" and "spindle" are two other common names for them. They're commonly seen in homes on the top rails of staircases, to be specific.

Many people rely on these posts to make their residential staircases stand out. Homeowners often appreciate the old-fashioned, traditional charm these additions provide. These posts can help make stair railings more attractive and visually memorable.

Balusters are typically made out of wood. Individuals who are looking to introduce these posts to their stair railings can typically choose between many diverse options in wood. These options include poplar wood, mahogany wood, walnut wood, hickory wood, sugar maple wood, cherry wood, Brazilian cherry wood, white oak wood, ash wood, red oak wood and beech wood. Primed and glossy white options are also frequently available to customers.

Individuals who are interested in these decorative stair sticks can decide on varieties of wood based on appearance and several other factors. Those who appreciate paler coloring might want to opt for sugar maple wood, hickory wood or poplar wood, to name a few examples. Those who appreciate darker coloring, on the other hand, might prefer Brazilian cherry wood and mahogany wood. These kinds of woods both possess darker reddish tones.

Price is yet another significant consideration for people who are thinking about purchasing stair sticks. Stair sticks run the gamut as far as price goes. Some poplar wood options are as inexpensive as less than $10.00. Primed stair sticks are often even cheaper than that. It isn't at all uncommon, however, to see sugar maple options that cost well over $100.00. Note that sugar maple is frequently referred to also as "hard maple." Individuals who take the time to look around can also usually easily find more budget-friendly hard maple stair sticks.

People who wish to significantly improve the appearance of their staircases can do so easily courtesy of stair sticks. Stair sticks can easily be purchased in many brick and mortar furnishing and home improvement stores. They can also easily be purchased from many reputable online stair supplies retailers.


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