Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Corbels Basics

Corbels refer to structural metal, wood or stone components that project from walls. They jut out prominently as a means of offering support to either arches or cornices. These brackets are located far back in walls. This is to ensure that the significant pressure on their lodged sections acts against any possibilities of their falling out or tipping over.

Homeowners often purchase these brackets to better the interiors of their residences. The decorative aspects of these brackets help make home cabinets, kitchen counters, range hoods and mantels look markedly more attractive.

People who are thinking about getting corbels must always consider the designs of their homes beforehand. Not all of these brackets look the same, after all. They're made in numerous different wood varieties. These wood varieties include cherry wood, rubberwood, birch wood, sugar maple wood, red oak wood, white oak wood, walnut wood and soft maple wood. It isn't at all uncommon to spot primed polyurethane and paint grade styles.

Prices for these decorative and supportive brackets vary significantly. Brackets in elegant French acanthus styles sometimes cost close to $300.00. Others, however, don't even cost $30.00. While it isn't unusual to see options that exceed even $400.00 in price, it also isn't rare to find budget-friendly varieties, either. Patience is vital for finding the perfect bracket for any residence. Note that many of these products are handcrafted.

Price, design and wood appearance aren't the sole considerations for those who are planning on buying these decorative items, either. Size is yet another crucial consideration. Homeowners always have to ensure that the wood brackets they're considering are the appropriate depths, widths and heights for their residences. Otherwise, correct installation simply won't be possible. People who are purchasing these brackets for support reasons always need to place suitable blocking in the back of them, too. This helps ensure efficient mounting.

Finding these decorative brackets is usually easy and straightforward. They're available in hundreds of exciting styles. Modern and mission styles are just two examples. Individuals can generally find them at home improvement retailers close to their homes. They can also find and buy them at online shops that specialize in residential decorative applications.


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