Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful and Functional Ceilings with Primed Polyurethane Ceiling Tiles

When creating a new ceiling or simply refinishing an old one, a buyer may want to consider using primed polyurethane ceiling tiles. There are many benefits to choosing these tiles when designing a unique ceiling that will last.

1. These tiles are used for a suspended ceiling design. This would be ideal for any space, especially for a basement room. In the case of a basement ceiling, it is often beneficial to be able to remove or rearrange part of the ceiling in order to access pipes or wiring above the ceiling. If one has a drywall ceiling, it would be nearly impossible to access any pipes or wiring, but with ceiling tiles, this task is easily accomplished.

2. The ceiling tiles come in all sorts of unique designs. Some have interesting borders or patterns. One can buy tiles that range from very plain to ornately complex. This collection of designs allows individuals to personalize their ceilings without having to hire a skilled ceiling contractor.

3. The ceiling tiles come pre-coated with a layer of primer. This means that a person can pick out the tiles he or she desires, and then paint them any color he or she chooses. Again, this goes to make the ceiling a more personalized extension of the homeowner or tenant.

4. The tiles are lightweight and easy to install. A contractor is not needed to create a beautiful, new and unique ceiling. One simply has to choose a tile of his or her liking and get to work.

5. There are several environmental advantages to having polyurethane ceiling tiles. They are generally waterproof. This means they should not collect moisture and should be resistant to mildew. Being waterproof makes these ceiling tiles ideal for a basement or a bathroom situation. Also, the tiles may be used in an interior or an exterior setting. They are very durable and could easily be used for a porch or patio ceiling, as well as any interior rooms.

These are just some of the advantages to using primed polyurethane ceiling tiles for designing a beautiful ceiling.


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