Monday, December 1, 2014

Update Your Fireplace For the Holidays

Your fireplace doesn't have to be plain and simple for the holidays. Take the time to add some decorations or create a theme that will make it look beautiful for family and friends to see.

When you think about updating a fireplace, you might think about only adding a few holiday decorations to the mantle. While this is something easy to do, you can take it a step further. Consider putting a black drape in the center of the fireplace. Put a picture of the legs of Santa on the drape as well as a picture of a bag of toys. It will look like Santa is stuck while getting down the chimney.

Another idea is to create a winter wonderland on the fireplace. Add clear blue plastic on the mantle with a white backdrop on the fireplace. Put snowflakes and other designs that make you think of a winter wonderland. Add some silver and clear glitter so that the display sparkles. You can also add the words Let It Snow on the backdrop in the center of the fireplace.

If you don't plan on using your fireplace for heat, then consider transforming the interior of it to something elegant. Clean all of the bricks or stones in the fireplace, and add tapered candles in various holders so that the flames will give off a glow that looks like a fire is lit. You want to stagger the candles in height so that it will look more realistic.

You can create a manger scene in the fireplace with animals, Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus. A fun display empty boxes in the fireplace that have been wrapped to look like Christmas presents. This is something playful for children are anxiously await the arrival of Santa. You can also take a more elegant approach with this idea by wrapping the boxes with silver, blue or purple.


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