Saturday, November 29, 2014

Give the Gift of Nature

Everyone has one...a beloved friend or relative who has everything they want or need. How do you buy gifts for that person? What kind of gift could interest them when it seems that they have it all? How about a unique outdoor gift?
A great idea for any person like this, no matter their age, sex or interest is the gift of living nature. There isn't a person alive who doesn't appreciate a living small bird. The little creatures hop from branch to branch, picking up lady bugs and worms along their way.
All you have to do to acquire these little friends is to give them the right home and they will move right in to keep you company. has a full line of unique outdoor gifts with an extensive line of bird houses. Here is a look at a small sample of some of the most interesting avian homes.

The Fence Post Condo.
Instead of nailing a birdhouse on a tree limb, put your Lazy Hill Farm Loretta Bird Feeder on a corner of a fence post. It is a great place to watch the birds dive bomb into the home. The roof is made of redwood shingles with a solid vinyl body. A clay dish holds the bird seed.
The Lazy Hill Farm Mini House Bird Feeder.
This feeder has a polished copper roof and a solid vinyl body. Open on all sides, this allows the birds to land, eat and take off again.
The Lazy Hill Farm Ultimate Martin Bird House.
Here is where you attract the most useful and interesting of native birds, the purple martin, the hit men for mosquitoes. This 3-story solid vinyl condo is divided into 24 separate compartments. The top is easily removed for cleaning. It has a metal plate and decorative brackets to easily mount on a post.
These unique outdoor gifts are great gifts for everyone. The full line has every type and kind of birdhouse and feeder from the tiny to the apartment house size. Children will love learning first-hand about nature from these feeders and houses.


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