Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jeffrey Alexander Mirrors Make a Statement Of Style

Whether your goal when decorating a room is to showcase artistic expression or to demonstrate simple functionality, Jeffrey Alexander mirrors fit well into any decor style. There are so many mirror design choices ranging from ornate to simplistic styling. These mirrors feature clean, sophisticated lines, hand carving and beautiful finishes, some of which are carefully applied by hand.

Beautiful Finishes To Choose From
There is a wood finish available to blend perfectly in any room. Choose from warm shades like pecan, walnut, chestnut, mahogany or rosewood. Or, make your choice from beautiful French white, espresso, chocolate, cream white or a hand applied black finish. Every finish color helps to highlight the dimension and depth of the wood mirror frame, without distracting from its beauty.

The mirror glass is expertly beveled to bring out its shining beauty. Place mirrors on opposite walls to create the illusion of a larger room. Or, simply use them in areas that need an extra touch of shine and elegance. No matter where these mirrors are used, they bring a dash of style to a room. Be sure to place mirrors where they will enhance the area and reflect things like your pretty artwork, or a window to the outdoors.

Accents Make a Stylistic Statement

Jeffrey Alexander mirrors also feature pretty hand-carved accents, detailed fretwork or beaded accents that bring an extra element of depth to mirrors. For architectural interest, exciting fretwork adds exactly the right touch. When a sophisticated look is desired, try featuring a mirror with ornamental beaded highlights. Hand carved botanical accents add a dimension of nature in an inspirational way.

When mirrors are used to enhance the look of a room, they can become brilliant accent pieces when they are used effectively. Careful choices of wood color and your selection of complementary accents on the wood can make any area stand out beautifully. Mirrors can reflect things like candlelight, lamp light or your refined artwork. The key is to keep mirror sizes in proportion with the rest of the room, and to have fun using them as a part of your decor.


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