Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to clean an electric fireplace

Today, electric fireplaces are quickly gaining in popularity thanks to the fact that they provide the warmth consumers want without all the smoke and ashes left by traditional fireplaces. In fact, the cleanup for an electric fireplace is super simple, as there is no chimney or burning logs used here. Check out the steps that must be taken to clean an electric fireplace below.

Of course the cleanup for an electric fireplace is much easier for owners as there are stimulated flames and artificial smoke employed here. There is some routine maintenance required with an electric fireplace though. To begin the owner must first turn off and unplug the fireplace. This will prevent any hazardous mishaps from occurring. Then all the logs must be removed from the electric fireplace and left in a safe area far away from the spot being cleaned.

Next, the consumer must grab a soft cloth and dip it in warm water. The water should not be dripping off the cloth, so it must be wrung out completely before the next step. With the cloth, the owner will clean the glass itself that houses the fireplace. This means that any smudges found on the glass must be fully removed. Similar to this if there's any dust surrounding the fireplace, that must be taken care of right away. If necessary the cloth should be rinsed out, ensuring that the dirt and dust doesn't end up right back onto the fireplace in the process.

After cleaning the glass located on the electric fireplace, the inside of the fireplace needs to be dried off using another clean, soft cloth. This is important because any water left behind could cause a fire to erupt. Then using a glass cleaner spray, the inside of the glass must be wiped down. This too will get rid of any bit of dust or dirt still left behind. When the owner finishes this step, it is time to return the electric fireplace back to working order. This means the logs should be placed back into the fireplace and the unit itself can be turned back on.


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