Friday, June 6, 2014

Havenlock Teak Storage Box: Both Decorative and Functional

At a width of four feet and almost two feet deep, this box is large enough to store away a variety of items. While a discreet container with its simple, traditional design, this Havenlock Teak Storage Box also makes a serviceable bench with a height above one and a half feet and a flat top comfortably leveled for seating.


Since it is solidly constructed of 100 percent teak wood, this storage box can weather outdoor conditions; it would be perfect for placing on a patio or deck, near a garden, or on a boat.


Sourced from tropical areas, teak is a hardwood, heavy and strong. Teak is well-known for its hassle-free durability, weathering, and beauty. Teak wood's natural oils and rubber, when properly retained, protect it against dry rot, parasites, and fungi without additional and regular owner care. Time and exposure will turn its light brown color to silvery gray.

Because of the limited supply, natural resistance against water, wind, and pests such as termites, teak is typically reserved for outdoor uses; it is the material of choice for both patio furniture and shipbuilding timber.

Care and Maintenance

Using teak wood as the primary material in the Havenlock Teak Storage Box removes many concerns about regular applications of preservatives or special maintenance instructions. Soft-soap flakes dissolved in warm water are sufficient for gentle cleansing; no detergent is necessary. Cleanser should be applied with non-abrasive cloths or sponges to avoid scratching the wooden surface. With time and weathering, the original light honey brown color turns silver gray; this is due to the evaporation of surface oil and does not affect its longevity or resistance.

The brown color can be restored by scrubbing the wood's surface with a soft brush and soapy water or teak cleaner. Applying a teak sealer should hold the color for a year.

Havenlock storage boxes are not available at most common gardening stores. It is best to research them online through a specialty store.


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