Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to Use Roof Ornaments for Any Home

When it comes to home decorating, most people focus on the facade of the house, or the windows or the yards. But what about the roof? Don't just leave that bland. There are all sorts of roof ornaments to give your home or barn more character.

One of the most common ornaments to put on a roof is a cupola. Not only can they be decorative, but cupolas can also hide unsightly fans and vents built into your rooftop. There are dozens of different cupolas to choose from, with various color combinations that will fit with any roof. Whether they are louvered or windowed, all cupolas are crafted with great detail. Styles available include Alexander, Keystone, Martin, Shed, Salisbury and Winchester. Cupolas are made to be both weather and insect proof. Many of them also come with sturdy copper rooftops built to last a long time.

How best to top off your roof or cupola? There are many ornate roof finials. Pick from pointy Florentine Style, Roman Style or Venetian Style. There are also spherical shaped roof finials in Londoner Style and Parisian Style.

Some may think weathervanes are just for farms. But this is not so. Weathervanes are perfect decorations for your roof. Many people usually envision a rooster when they think of a weathervane. Choose other animal designs like horses, bears, fish, elk, even dolphins. Some of the more unique weathervanes include motorcycles, guns, boats, trains, even wine glasses. Not only are they decorative, but practical. Step outside, admire the artwork and find out which way the wind is blowing.

Along with being beautifully designed, they also come at a reasonable price and are easy for anyone to install on their roof.


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