Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Stair Parts Do I Need?

There are a number of stair parts that comprise the steps in most homes, ranging from balusters and posts to brackets and accessories. Wood balusters provide a staircase with a classic appearance and are available in over a dozen types of wood, including beech, maple, red oak, walnut and white oak. Iron balusters are also available to enhance a stairway in design and appearance. They come in a variety of color finishes, such as copper vein, flat black, grey speckled and satin black. Balusters can also be enhanced with the addition of iron shoes and knuckles, which bring an extra level of detail to any staircase.

Wood and iron posts are major components that really add character to a staircase. Wooden newel posts are made from a wide variety of wood types that can be selected to complement the colors in the home. Available choices include those such as paint grade, adler, beech, cherry, hard maple, hickory, pine, red oak, soft maple and walnut. A wrought iron newel also can bring a distinguished look to a staircase. The finish options generally include copper vein, flat black, oil rubbed bronze, oil rubbed copper and satin black.

Other stair parts include staircase treads and risers, brackets and accessories. Staircase treads and risers heighten the appearance to a foyer entrance in the home. The bull nose starting step, double bull nose starting step, stair rise and stair treads are available in a variety of different wood types. Stair brackets are optional items that are available to bring a distinguished look to a staircase, and they are normally available in primed polyurethane and other finishes. Finally, a selection of staircase accessories can be added to give a finished appearance. These include items such as baluster lock screws, drop caps, plugs, rosettes and spin drivers.


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