Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Copper Mailboxes are a Unique Addition to Your Curb Appeal

What is a Copper Mailbox?
It is a letter box made of copper and it's usually placed in front of private homes or commercial places. It is used for receiving private incoming mail. They are made of different unique shape and customize designs depending on the customer's preferences. The sizes are also different depending on the letter you want it to carry; commercial mailboxes are larger as compared to residential mailboxes. It can even have the homeowners name engraved on the side to decrease mail mix-ups. Copper mailboxes are made strong so that weather can't interfere with your mail. Most copper mailbox is made with a roof dome like shape so that water cannot enter inside.

Mailbox copper have some advantages as compared to others which of other materials

Copper don't rust with rain water. Many mailboxes made of copper will not rust until you use for so any years.
Since mailbox is the first thing you see before entering the house, it always portrays a good look of what is inside the house.
Mailbox made of copper are affordable as compared those made of other materials because of durability.
Houses which have mailbox made of copper will stand out in comparison to the neighboring homes. It provides a unique decor for residential and commercial places especially in areas where houses are similar.
For these reasons and many others copper mailboxes should certainly be considered for your home and place of work.


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