Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ceiling Medallions: An Elegant Finish to Any Home Design

As the eye is directed upward from baseboard, to wall trim, to crown molding, ceiling medallions can be considered the grand finale of a room’s look. Ceiling medallions visually provide definition to spaces whether over a dining table or seating area. Usually mounted around lighting, a ceiling medallion can grace any fixture from chandeliers to ceiling fans.

When considering trim options, a homeowner or designer has many designs from which to choose from classic to modern. Ekena ceiling medallions come in a range of motifs from braided, to leaf, to ornate, to radial design to fit whatever trim one chooses. If a ceiling is complex, a homeowner or designer should select a medallion motif that blends well with ceiling trim and crown moldings. However, medallions can also be used to provide visual interest for minimally-designed ceilings for a sleek, modern look.

When selecting a ceiling medallion design, a homeowner or designer should also take ceiling height into account. Higher ceilings can accommodate larger medallions, while smaller medallions are appropriate for lower ceilings.

Finishing is also important to consider. Medallions can be painted to match a ceiling or in a contrasting color to match trim work. Medallions can also be custom-finished with the design painted, glazed, or gilded, transforming it into a work of art. Various colors or finishes can be combined to bring out the design motif of the medallion.

Medallions are also not restricted to ceilings. They can also be grouped on walls in designs of three or four for a dramatic artwork display. Mounted over a sofa or fireplace, they will serve as an elegant focal point in any room.

Finally, ceiling medallions can dramatically finish any space from living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms to bedrooms and baby nurseries. Breaking up ceiling expanses, adding focal points, and defining spaces, they are an elegant finish to any home design.


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