Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Spruce Up Your Home with Oak Newel Post Caps

Whether remodeling an older home or building a brand-new home, home owners need to know that the more attention they pay to detail in their homes, the higher their resale value will be. Even home owners who have no immediate plans to sell their homes will agree that the more unique a home is, the more custom details it includes, the more enjoyable it is to live in and to entertain in.

Freshen up the Functional Parts of a Home
There are certain components of any house that simply must be there. A floor, a ceiling, walls, plumbing, electrical, and in the case of homes with multiple stories, stairs. Not all of these necessary components need to bland and boring. While there is little, cosmetically, that a home owner can do to electrical wires and plumbing pipes, there are other opportunities to add special touches.

Crown Molding along Ceilings and Vertical Walls
The space where the walls meet the ceilings can exist with no adornment or they can be improved with crown molding. Crown molding comes in various thicknesses and configurations. When applied correctly, it makes the ceiling a focal point rather than just a necessary roof over occupants' heads. Any home owner that has not added crown molding is missing out on an amazing opportunity to add style to their home.

Newel Post Caps for Stairways
Multi-level homes require stairs to be functional. They also require railings to meet building-code requirements. But they do not have to remain boring and unadorned. Newel post caps dress up a staircase and provide a comfortable place to rest a hand and take a breath while climbing stairs. Make sure that caps match the style of the stairs. For example, oak flooring calls for oak newel post caps. Stairs and banisters that have been painted white call for white newel post caps. It's always best to leave natural wood unpainted if you are fortunate to have it in your home.

The bottom line is that the most beautiful homes -- and those with the highest resale values -- incorporate thoughtful details.


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