Friday, May 30, 2014

Weathervane Hardware

Once considered a rustic craft best suited to the barn, weathervanes have kicked off the field dust. Available in virtually any subject matter, these often intricately sculpted roof ornaments are a popular way to add a distinctive touch to homes and businesses. Sized so that they are easily visible from a distance and crafted from sturdy materials like polished copper, brass, steel, aluminum, blue verde copper, and stainless steel, weathervanes are not lightweights. Selecting the proper hardware prevents damage to the piece and protects the people and property below from the hazards a falling weathervane would create. The appropriate hardware depends on the material the weathervane is made from and where it will be mounted.

Many people prefer hardware that matches or compliments the material used to craft their weathervane. Weathervane hardware is readily available in stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and steel. Some mounting brackets are simple. Others are ornately designed with decorative twists and curls that add a whimsical element to the presentation of the weathervane.

Most weathervanes are mounted on the roof. Some perch on the roof's peak using brackets specially designed to provide a solid connection to the ridgeline. Extension rods can be added for extra height. To create a more dramatic look, cupolas, small towers made in an astounding array of architectural styles, are often placed on the roof as a stage for the weathervane. In this case, the weathervane is mounted to the top of the cupola with the appropriate hardware.

With so many beautifully detailed weathervanes on the market, some people prefer to keep these artistic pieces down low where they are more easily appreciated. In this situation, a vertical bracket can be used to mount the weathervane on a wall, fence or other vertical surface. These L-shaped brackets must be sized properly to allow the weathervane to spin freely without hitting the structure. Freestanding garden poles and display stands are another alternative for mounting weathervanes below the roofline.

Weathervanes add charm and character to the sites where they are displayed. Using the appropriate weathervane hardware ensures their beauty can be safely enjoyed.


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