Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Which Wood Colors Are Dark?

When it comes to decorating, dark wood colors can led a room a sophistication and gravitas that blond woods might not. Dark woods call to mind libraries in men's clubs or Downton Abbeyesque drawing rooms. Fortunately, dark wood furnishings can be perfectly affordable for ordinary folks! Here are some naturally dark woods:

Queensland Walnut
This tree is native to Australia and can be dark, rich brown streaked with pink, gray green or black stripes. It has an interlocked, irregular or wavy grain. The wood is used for high end furniture.

Brazilian Rosewood
The color of this wood ranges from a rich violet-brown to violet streaked with golden brown or black. Most rosewood has a straight grain though wavy examples can be found. It has a coarse texture and a gritty, oily feel. Brazilian rosewood is prized for solid wood construction as well as veneer.

African Mahogany
This wood is found in West, Central and Eat Africa. The heartwood can be deep, reddish brown and the grain can be straight or interlocked. African mahogany is used for furniture and cabinetmaking and for the interior trim of boats and cars.

African Ebony
This wood comes from southern Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana and can be gray to black with black stripes or solid black. It has a fine texture and a slightly interlocked or straight grain. Ebony is used in tool making and for piano and organ keys.

This beautiful wood from central South America has blotches, spots and speckles that remind one of a snake's skin. The ground color is usually deep reddish brown with black speckles or black stripes. It's a hard and heavy wood that's used to make fishing rod butts, drumsticks, handles, violin bows and bric-a-brac.

This dense West African wood has a dark brown heartwood with very fine black veins. The grain is straight, and the wood has a coarse texture. Wenge is excellent for hardwood flooring.

African Blackwood
This wood from East Africa is a dark purple brown color with black streaks. The grain is usually straight, and the wood has a very fine and slightly oily feel. African Blackwood is extremely hard and heavy and used for musical instruments.


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