Monday, August 11, 2014

What Are The Most Popular Colors For Shutters?

Shutters are a wonderful addition to a home. Besides looking smart and attractive, shutters that actually close in frigid temperatures are a very practical way of keeping the home warm. As a decoration only, they add a tailored, finished look to the design of a home. They are usually placed on the home's exterior, though some are designed to enhance the interior windows.

Shutters are available in many different styles and colors today to complement the exterior decor of the home, but the most popular colors for shutters are black and brown. There are some very good reasons for this. For one thing, dark colors are often used as a bold accent color in design. An accent color gives the entire look of a design a certain punch of color that excites the heart and draws the eye toward a focal point of attention. For this reason, black is most often used as an accent color for exterior shutters.

Dark brown is a popular favorite, too, for a slightly different reason. Brown tends to wear well and look attractive year after year with little maintenance.

You don't have to be tied down to current trends in the most popular colors for shutters, but you do need to take the colors of the rest of your home into account. The colors of a home can either interest people or distract them. They can increase a home's market value, or actually lower it, if they make the design of the home look distasteful or boring. Colors are more important than we realize.

Overall, you should not use more than three colors for the outside of your home, excluding your accent color, or you will risk it looking too busy. The designing rule is that the accent color for shutters should be in the same color range as the others, but it should provide a contrast to the other colors in some way. This adds visual interest so that the house doesn't look drab and monotone.

Consider yourself the painter of a fine work of art when you look at your home. The design of your home distinctly expresses who you are to others. Let that expression be a good one.


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