Saturday, August 9, 2014

How to Choose Discount Corbels For Any Room

Corbels can add an unexpected decorative element to any type of room. They can also be used functionally to support a counter or a shelf. Corbels come in many shapes and sizes today. It is important to consider several things when choosing corbels.


The first thing to look at is the size of the corbel. Size is very important especially if the corbel is being used to support weight. Decorative corbels should not be overly large. Large corbels can look awkward in a room. If the corbel is being used to hold a shelf, then it needs to be at least half the width of the shelf. Another general rule is to make sure around a half-inch of space is always left between the end of the corbel and the edge of the shelf or counter.

Solid Backing

Corbels designed to support weight are different from corbels designed to be decorative. The main difference is that a weight-bearing corbel will be made from solid wood or will have a solid block along the back. The block is what will actually be supporting and weight. Make certain to look for solid blocking or a solid wooden design when shopping for discount corbels to hold counters or shelves.


Corbels come in many different styles today. Some are very minimalist and look appropriate in a modern setting. Others have intricate carvings along the surface that will match a more elaborate type of decor. Consider how the style of the corbel will mesh with the rest of the room. A poorly chosen corbel could create a confusing appearance. Consider the trim, flooring, furniture and colors in a room before making a choice.

Natural or Primed Surface

A final thing to look at when choosing discount corbels is the type of surface and material. Corbels can have a natural wood finish. They can be made from many types of wood from white oak to walnut. Corbels can also have a primed or paint-ready surface. These corbels are designed to be painted before being mounted on the wall. It is important to choose the right type of surface since it can be difficult to paint a corbel with a natural wood finish.


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