Monday, October 27, 2014

Why buy unfinished cabinets?

For those homeowners who're involved in new home construction or an extensive renovation project, creating the ultimate dream kitchen is an exciting part of the process. As exciting as it might be, however, it's often a strain on the budget. For homeowners who don't want to comprise the quality of materials or design, unfinished cabinets provide the perfect solution.

Why buy unfinished cabinets? Homeowners should consider the following points when asking themselves that question.

Cost Savings

It makes sense that unfinished cabinets cost less than their finished counterparts. When homeowners are determined to purchase a particular style of cabinetry, their budget will certainly have an effect on the final decision. If purchasing unfinished cabinets means being able to install products that offer the most value, the choice is really very simple.

For those homeowners who are comfortable with applying finishes on their own, the savings in labor will serve to reduce costs even further.

Custom Finishes

Budget aside, the freedom to choose custom finishes is another reason for discerning homeowners to choose unfinished cabinets. For those customers with very specific design criteria, it's often difficult to find cabinetry with the exact desired finish.
Whether the homeowner applies a custom finish on their own or they contract a professional, the end result is cabinetry that helps make a dream kitchen more of a possibility.

While the choice of paint or stain is a fundamental consideration, cabinet hardware is another finishing touch that homeowners will need to address. Selecting unique handles and pulls will not only help with customization, it will also help the homeowner to reduce the overall cost of their cabinets.

Why Buy Unfinished Cabinets?

Today's kitchens are much more than a space used to prepare meals. They're a social gathering spot for family and guests. For those homeowners who place a high value on their kitchen and what it represents, compromise is simply not an option. Purchasing unfinished cabinets allows homeowners to complete their ultimate dream kitchen without having to cut corners or settle for substandard materials and fixtures.


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