Friday, October 10, 2014

Three Reasons to Consider Installing a Fireplace Mantel Shelf in Your Home

A fireplace can be the perfect space for homeowners to cozy up during the chilly months of the year or while gathering with friends. While a fireplace can look beautiful in a living room or bedroom, they won't look complete until a mantel shelf is installed above. With the variety of hardwoods used, such as distressed cherry and pine, it's a good idea for an individual to look into all the benefits that come with installing a fireplace mantel shelf.

Frames the Fireplace and Makes a Great Focal Point

Fireplaces are an attractive part of any room, but they can be lacking without a mantel shelf above. In fact, many people go as far as installing a faux fireplace due to how well these elements can work in a home. With a mantel installed, the appearance of the fireplace can be altered drastically and the entire style of a room can be changed.

Hanging Stockings During the Holiday

When thinking of the holidays, many people get the vision of stockings hanging from a shelf. With a mantel shelf installed, it's easy to hang stockings so that the holiday decorations are complete. Since the shelf is positioned directly over the fireplace, it's easy to make this element a focal point in the room during the holidays since Santa visits through the fireplace.

Ideal Place for Decorations All Year

Even during the rest of the year, the mantel can be used for a variety of decorations. From picture frames to candles and even potted plants, the mantel can accommodate décor and accessories that can help enhance the appearance of a room. A surprising use of a fireplace mantel is a television that's been secured directly above or even mounted securely on the frame. This setup works best in a room with a large fireplace since it keeps the main attention on one wall.

With all of the uses for fireplace mantel shelves, it makes sense why so many homeowners are interested in this installation project.


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