Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How Do I Install a Kitchen Island?

Installing a kitchen island is not only an aesthetic choice, but it is also a functional addition to any cooking area. An island is a great way to add additional space for food preparation and storage. Installing a pot rack over an island can help tie it all together. This type of DIY project is relatively simple to accomplish. But it's important to have the right tools and materials and to understand the basic installation.

Gather the Necessities

Deciding on an island style is the most important part of the process. Be sure it fits the original kitchen design and compliments the style. Once it's installed, it's pretty much in for good. Gather all the tools required for the job and take stock. They include:

Measuring tape
Power drill
Chalk line
Assorted screws
Bubble level
Nail set
Assorted nails
Wood putty

How Do I Install a Kitchen Island?

First, a location needs to be chosen for the island. This is typically centered between existing countertops. There should be a comfortable amount of space for movement around the island. It is important to line the frame up square with horizontal lines such as cabinets and walls. Taking solid measurements can ensure the best results. Once everything is square, trace the bottom of the island frame on the ground.

To mount the island to the ground, a toe-kick platform or four L-shaped two by fours should be attached flush to the inside of the frame outline. These cleats need to be installed using proper screws for the ground material whether it's tile, concrete or wood.

Place the island frame over the cleats and attach using finish nails. Use putty that is a similar color as the stain to cover the nail holes. Attach the doors and drawers to the frame and then hang a pot rack to help bring everything together.

Installing an island can add needed versatility to any kitchen.


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