Friday, October 3, 2014

What Are The Most Popular Paint Colors for Front Doors?

The front door is the entrance to the home, and is where the eye should be drawn to when someone looks at it. There are a few things to consider before a home owner paints their front door, such as the color and overall tone of the home exterior, as well as personal preference. With this in mind, what are the most popular paint colors for front doors?

Stand-Out Colors

Homes that have dark or dramatic exteriors look great with doors that have pops of color, such as a bright yellow, reds, or blues. The safest bet with these is to pick colors that aren't too obnoxious to the eye, but rather draw the eye in. If these colors are used for the door, however, it is best to stay away from color overload on the rest of the house. Refrain from painting the shutters in the same color, and make the rest of the exterior a more subdued color.

Natural Woods

Homeowners who want a more earthy feel to their home should opt into natural wood doors. While a tad more expensive, the look of the rich wood can often make the home feel more expensive to passers-by. A mix of dark wood and glass panes give off a more extravagant feel to the overall home.

Subdued and Light Colors

Sometimes the color of the front door can completely depend on the location of the home as well. Beach homes may prefer lighter, more subdued colors instead of the richer ones. These can create a light, airy, beachy feel that goes with the area. Examples of these colors would be an off-white, light blues, or sandy colors.

Another thing to consider when deciding what to paint the front door is the neighborhood. Looking at the surrounding houses can be a good indicator of which way to go. Also, some housing associations only allow certain colors, so homeowners who live in them should always check first to see if any rules are being broken. In the end, it is the homeowners decision, and the preference should go to him or her.


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