Monday, October 13, 2014

What is a Gel Fuel Fireplace?

A Gel Fuel Fireplace is an excellent way to bring ambiance and warmth to either an interior or outdoor space. Convenient and beautiful, fireplaces that use gel fuel are safe, generate sufficient heat, are cost effective as an alternative heat source and allow consumers to save money while enjoying a touch of luxury in their living spaces.

What is a Gel-Fuel Fireplace?
A gel fueled fireplace works without a chimney and delivers suburb flickering flames. Flame is created by canned alcohol based fuel that lasts for a few hours at a time. Soot free and available in both traditional and contemporary design, these fireplaces combine the comfort of a wood burning fireplace with flexibility allowing owners to place the fireplaces wherever is most visually pleasing, including walls and external covered patio-areas.

Gel fireplaces should be combined with another heat source in colder areas to optimize comfort and warmth. Easy to attain, gel fuel can be conveniently purchased online or at many retail locations. Gel fireplaces should not be left unattended, like a traditional wood burning fireplace.

A gel fireplace can effectively bring a cozy atmosphere to a home both inside and out, and they are appropriate to use year round in order to add a touch of romance to any routine evening. Gel fireplaces are very affordable and units range from a couple hundred dollars and up depending upon style.

Free-standing, wall-mounted and table-top gel fireplaces are all available. The benefits of using a gel fireplace includes adequate, supplemental home heat, environmentally friendly fuel, easy installation, maintenance-free, high heat energy output, and stylish design. As an alternative to wood-burning and pellet stoves, gel fuel is an excellent way to incorporate a fireplace into any home, office or apartment lifestyle.

Gel fireplaces deliver real flame and genuine heat for around $1 an hour, making them a fantastic addition to any home. Fireplaces can use a single or several fuel canisters in order to produce heat quickly. The benefits of owning a gel fireplace make them both desirable and useful.


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