Saturday, October 4, 2014

How Do I Replace a Fireplace Door?

For those who own a fireplace, over time the door on it will need to be replaced. That's because the door, especially ones made out of glass, tend to gradually become darkened by the heat. This of course takes away from the beauty of the fire. Thankfully, it's not hard to replace the doors on any fireplace.

For starters, before starting anything, the individual must make sure that the fireplace has cooled off for at least two hours and that the doors are cold. This ensures that no one will get burned in the process of replacing the door. Then, the individual must open up the door, using a pair of gloves and seek out the thumbscrew. This is typically located behind the upper corner of the door and framework. The thumbscrew should first be loosened counterclockwise by hand and then loosened with pliers.

Next, holding the door, slide the upper edge of the door towards the middle part of the lintel, so that it can fully come out with ease. Here, the door should be able to be removed from the framework. Taking the new fireplace door , the individual should angle it toward the middle of the lentil. From there, the pivot-pin should be inserted at the lower corner of the outer door into the hole that's by the outer edge of the lower framework.

The upper corner of the door should be pushed toward the side framework located near the opening. The outer door edge must be lined up perfectly with the side of the framework for the best appearance. Then, behind the outer door, the individual needs to tighten up the thumbscrew in a clockwise fashion until the door is fully aligned.

For those wondering how do I replace a fireplace door, take comfort that this is a much easier process than most people think. In fact, by simply following the steps outlined below, individuals can replace their fireplace door all by themselves. In no time, the individual will have a new fireplace door that looks like a professional installed it.


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