Monday, May 12, 2014

Arched Top Shutters

It can often be difficult to know what to do to redecorate the outside of a home. There are many stressors and difficulties in life that push people in different directions all of the time. Whether it is trying to stay healthy by exercising more or trying to get more work hours in per week, it seems like time left for home redecorating is very little! This article will aim to explain a few of the best ways for busy folks to add some "pop" to the outside of their homes.

First, try arched top shutters. Some people might think that shutters do not add a lot to a home, but they really do. Arched top shutters are great, because they give a regular square home a little pizazz, as if the home is actually from a villa in Spain or an island off the coast of Greece.

These shutters also look great, because there are so many shades and colors to choose from. For houses that are a little simpler like beige, tan or white, add some color to the abode with a dark green or a navy blue. Deep red can also look beautiful, especially if the red in the shutters is matched to red on the front door paint as well.

Another great tip for adding to the decor of the outside of a home is to try a flower garden. Of course vegetable gardens are always great, because they not only look beautiful, they allow the benefit of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits in the months that permit. But flower gardens add so much color! Try a bed of tulips when spring comes, and then switch to roses later in the summer months.

Also in spring, lilacs are a great addition to any yard. Their beautiful light purple flowers not only look gorgeous, but they smell wonderful as well. To add some color to the inside of a house, simply clip a few bunches of lilacs and put them in a pretty case of cool water.

Try adding shutters with arches on the top to a home's outside, or plant a few vegetables or flowers in the yard for some color and fresh food!


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