Saturday, August 23, 2014

How Often Should I Replace My Blinds?

Blinds can last a few years if they are treated correctly and maintained properly, so it's important to understand the way to maintain the blinds when asking "How often should I replace my blinds?" They should be cleaned periodically to keep them in the best condition possible, and minor repairs should be done promptly.

Cleaning Blinds
If the blinds are metal or plastic, remove them from the window and take them outside or into the tub. Use a bucket of warm water, a drop of dish detergent and a soft scrub brush to gently brush dirt from the blinds. Lay the blinds out to dry before hanging them back on the windows. This should be done approximately once a month to keep them in new condition.

For fabric or wood blinds, don't soak them with water. Use a vacuum to remove dust and dirt from the fabric. A dry sponge is a great way to clean the blinds too. If they become extremely dirty, fabric blinds should be cleaned by a professional dry cleaning service. Spots can be removed by using a damp sponge that has an all-purpose cleaner on it. Cleaner shouldn't be sprayed directly on a stain.

Replacing Blinds
Even blinds that are cleaned regularly will need to be replaced eventually. If the home is being upgraded, new blinds are the perfect way to bring new life to the home. Any time the blinds are broken, they should be replaced. Age and wear can slowly break down the integrity of the slats, strings and construction.

As long as there are no repair problems with the blinds, they can last for years as long as they are properly cared for and maintained. That includes regular cleaning and replacing slats or string occasionally. If a slat breaks, it's definitely time to replace the blind.


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