Thursday, August 28, 2014

How Do I Replace an Exterior Door?

From design to functionality, here are many reasons to replace an exterior door. While possible to do this task alone, a two or more person group is suggested to share the workload.

Selecting the New Door

1. Measure the area for the new door. Some minor adjustments can be made during installation if needed.
2. Any interior or exterior trim surrounding this exterior door will need to be removed. Caution is advised if the trim will be reused after installation.

Removing the Existing Door

1. Remove the hinge pins using a mallet and screwdriver or the hinges completely to separate the door from the frame.
2. After taking out the door, remove any fasteners attaching the sill or jamb to the door frame.
3.Completely remove the door frame from the house frame and clear any items used during its installation. Shims, wedges used to increase stability, and arrant nails or screws need to be removed or cut down safely. Insulation may be removed to make space as needed.

Installing the New Door

1.Check the opening for rotted wood or other issues that need to be addressed. If the new door sill is not at the same height as the previous, build up the area using weather resistant materials.
2.Insert the door frame into the house frame. Use shims for necessary adjustments to the angles of the frame. Ensure that the door frame is completely level.
3. If the door is not already attached to the frame, attach the hinges to both frame and door, line up the openings, and insert the hinge pins.
4. Check that the door opens and closes as desired. Make necessary adjustments if the door frame is not level.
5. Insert installation into the areas surrounding the door frame.
6. Apply caulk at any opening to weatherize the new installation
7. Install interior and exterior trim.

The benefits of a newly installed exterior range for a more pleasing aesthetic to a better barrier against the elements. Proper installation will lead to fewer issues in the future and lengthen time before needing replacement.


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