Thursday, May 8, 2014

Types of Raised Panel Shutters

For homeowners that want to enhance the external appearance of their home, utilizing raised panel shutters is a great way to do so. Unlike standard shutters, these shutters are elevated using hinges or fixed stationary. By distancing the shutters from the siding of the home, these shutters have an elevated appearance that looks much better than standard designs. This article will explain the different choices that homeowners have when selecting the right raised shutter for a home.

Flat Shutters

The general standard for raised shutters is the flat shutter. These shutters are designed for homeowners that possess a home of Georgian, Eclectic, or Cottage style. These shutters give a home a more traditional look while still leaving room for additional styling accents like metal hinges. In today's world, these shutters are often designed to look like real wood, but are actually composed of synthetic materials. Flat shutters are recommended as a starting point for most homeowners due to their versatile applications.

Arched Designs

In order to give a home the unique look that many homeowners demand, arched designs are a great way of getting there. Also called radius top shutters, these arched designs allow homeowners to include their own signature style on the exterior of their homes. These usually look similar to standard flat shutters with the exception of a curved shape at the top. While the curve can be used both on the top and bottom, generally only the top is curved. Additionally, it is generally recommended that these shutters be installed so that the curve is on the outside of the shutter. This will offer a more ascetically-pleasing appearance that matches well with the design of the rest of the home. For homeowners that want something unique for their homes, arched raised shutters are a great way to go.

Color Choices

In addition to a wide selection of materials and the ability to use shutters that have unique designs, an overwhelming number of color choices are available for raised panel shutters. From Deep Sea Blue to Wineberry, a full spectrum of color choices is available both for natural and synthetic materials. Since almost any color can be used, these shutters are a great choice for homeowners that need to pick a specific color that is perfect for them.


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